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The Dailiness of It

"These poems are deeply personal and acutely universal. As a mother of a disabled son I can vouch for the veracity of these poems . . . These poems come from a truly gifted writer who does the hardest thing of all: tell the truth." Ellen Cooney

"In a time when the word 'artist' is bandied about far too carelessly, here is a true artist working at the top of her form, making poems from the small, mean, grit of life. Fear and trembling are in these pages braided inextricably with heartache and the rarest, the most refined and tender unconditional love." Gary Devon

The Dailiness of It, a chapbook published by Grex Press (Louisville KY) continues to explore life with a son who has multiple mental and physical handicaps. It has been used as a text in university English classes and classes on community health. Available from the author.

"Tomorrow and Tomorrow"

My brain
Bruised purple
With worry
He will outlive us
And be alone

Why not be done with it
All the clocks are leaking
And our veins run to the sea